About Engel Imagery

My career...my mission... is to use technology to improve lives. I'm an award-winning still photographer, an IT specialist, aviation fanatic, and aerial photographer.

Safety is paramount; I've earned my FAA certificate to fly commercially, and I won't fly my drone if I think there's risk to people or property.

When I'm not flying, I help private companies, governments, and NGOs innovate for social benefit, public safety, or humanitarian causes. Before I discovered drones, I worked at DHS in public safety technology development. As a technology subject matter expert who also was adept at strategy development, I advised senior officials, liaised with industry, and published advocacy and explanatory material. Some of our work involved GIS information sharing, situational awareness and remote sensing.

With this background, and a longtime hobby of flying R/C helicopters, it didn’t take much for me to consider the possibilities that drones offered, not just in construction, real estate, agriculture, archaeology, surveying, etc, but also in law enforcement, fire fighting, search and rescue.

As an active member of the local drone community, I explore issues like privacy, safety, as well as potential in conservation, mapping, and Search and Rescue.




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