About Johnny McLendon Photography

*For a recent (Jan 2017) client video, see www.johnnymclendon.com/aerial (unlisted on Youtube).

As a Professional Photographer and Certified Drone Pilot, I have photographed Residential and Commercial Real Estate. My client work includes large-scale construction and commercial real estate, as well as exterior residential. As an FAA Certified drone pilot, I fly everyday to ensure I stay ahead of the market in my skill-set, knowledge of the business and industry and conduct safety training on a weekly basis to ensure all flights are safe while providing clients with top-notch videos and high-resolution imagery. I'm also well-trained in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X for post-production work. Upon receiving his finals, a client recently replied by saying, "Wow, this is outstanding. I can't wait to share with my partners!"

For insurance, I carry $1 million in General Liability and $50,000 in drone endorsements. Regarding my personality and work-ethic, I constantly receive positive feedback from colleagues and clients regarding my positive attitude and smooth workflow. I really enjoy meeting people and consider myself someone who has an outgoing personality. Contact me today on how I can help you. Thanks! - Johnny


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