I am an aviation enthusiast at heart. I am a commercial manned aircraft pilot and have a passion for growing the UAS industry. I have a media background in digital marketing and cinematic production. Since my early days flying the original DJI Phantom 1, I have had the opportunity to fly drones in some of the most amazing places all around the world. Most of my experience has been with the DJI lineup ranging from the DJI Mavic air to the DJI Inspire 2. Filming events ranging from weddings and music videos to property inspections and stock video, have given me the confidence to pull off missions with safety and accuracy.
-Brendon Peterson (Owner)

At BPfilms, we strive for a highest level of safety, professionalism, accuracy and timely turnaround. Thank you for your interest, we hope we can serve you on your next project.

BPFilms Team
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  Cinematography, Editing, Real Estate

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  Agriculture, Cinematography, Editing

  Editing, Real Estate

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  Cinematography, Editing

  Agriculture, Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Real Estate, Surveying & Mapping

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