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Talon 360 Media Drone Services offers high quality real estate photography services for both residential and commercial listings. Great real estate images will help you sell your property faster by getting more potential buyers through the door. It’s no secret and real estate agents know that selling properties is a numbers game. YES, a lot has to do with market conditions, timing, location, suitability, staging and other crucial factors BUT none of these matter if you do not get people in the front door. Prior to making requests to see a property most if not all people do their research up front by checking out the listings. The bulk of this research is simply looking at PHOTOS. This is where it is crucial to set your listing(s) apart! You as an agent or private seller need to show buyers the very best of what you have to offer early in the buying process. Typically, individuals view about 10 properties before they buy. To put this in perspective as a seller let’s say you have a 10% chance of selling your house to each prospective buyer who walks through the door. If your images and media are sub-par you have a 0% chance of selling to a potential buyer because you will not generate foot traffic. On the flip side if your photos and video attract more visits you greatly increase your odds as well as your turnaround time.
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