Peregrine Visual L.L.C. is an imaging company owned and operated by Disabled Veterans based in Baton Rouge, LA.

We specialize in operating unmanned aerial vehicle to obtain the desired visual data product for our clients. Some examples of our aerial solutions are:

Industrial Inspections
Residential and Commercial Roof Inspections
Pipeline and Powerline inspections
Aerial mapping
Stockpile Volume measurement.
3D Modeling of structures and construction
Asset inspection (Solar panels, Storage Tanks, Cell Towers, Bridges)
Emergency response, Search and rescue
Wildlife Survey, Cattle Counting
Agricultural Crop Analysis
Environmental Monitoring (Gas leak detection)
We utilize the latest in Unmanned Aerial Systems technology. Our systems use advanced AI capabilities, directional sensors and high accuracy RTK positioning. Our camera systems are capable of infrared radiothermal imaging, high optical zoom, multi-spectral sending and laser range finding.

We also utilize land based equipment to perform 3D modeling of commercial and residential real estate, 3D modeling of industrial environments, and internal pipe inspections.


Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot