About Integrated Aerial Services

I began my career in UAS while working as a police officer with the Midlothian Police Department in Midlothian, Texas. There we trained in the use of IR systems in order to locate people. I have also trained in maneuvering a UAS in confined spaces when the mission requires it. The first drone I purchased and the one that has taken the most punishment was the Parrot Bebop 2. After learning on the Bebop I purchased the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise for professional use.
Since aquiring the Mavic I have been utilizing Dronedeploy to create 2D orthoscopic maps, 3D models, elevation change maps, plant health maps and 3D structural maps. I am continually impressed by the capabilities of the Mavic 2 Enterprise!
In addition, I have also done some photography for real estate and received praises from the realtor on work that resulted in the home going for $5,000 over asking price!
I am not great at writing bios, so please, just contact me and we'll talk!


City Park Fly Through - CP Hadley in Fort Worth, TX