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Location Austin, TX
Jerry has been in the video business for over 20 years. I started sweeping floors as an intern at my local TV station while still in high school. I became an award winning videographer, and have shot stories for 48 hours, CNN, ESPN, CBS News, NBC News and a host of other networks. IN 2010 I decided I wanted to change things up and moved from a full time freelance videographer to a full time pilot. I worked as a flight instructor, a corporate pilot and I am also an airline pilot. Along the way, my video company still kept getting new clients, and one day a client needed some really high shots. So I became a very early adapter in drones (sUAS's). I have owned and operated many drones, and have shot for clients all over the US. I also teach for a national drone company called DART DRONES, where I teach individuals and organizations to obtain their 107, or commercial drone pilot license, as well as how to safely fly and use the drones they have or may purchase. I have worked with government organizations, large broadcasters and 100's of entrepreneurs to safely and successfully use drones. I am a member of several national drone boards and speak at conferences across the country about drones. Although these extra duties do take up a lot of my time, I still LOVE flying missions, and making clients exteremly happy with the photos and videos that drones can produce.
Member since Feb. 20, 2018
License # 3959523
Insurance coverage $1.0 Million
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