I have been shooting photos and videos from the air, and from the ground, since 2016. I love to shoot real estate and architectural work. I also love to shoot visuals that help small businesses promote themselves and help them grow. I have also have years of experience EDITING photos and video. The aerial aspect is simply a tool to me. Anyone can buy a drone these days, and honestly they really do fly themselves (almost). But buying a camera doesn't make you a good photographer, just like buying a knife doesn't make you a good cook. It's the knowledge and skills behind the tool that yield the best results. That is what I aim to bring my clients: a high level of skill and knowledge in wielding the tools at my disposal.

  Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Other

  Cinematography, Editing, Event, Real Estate, Wedding

Hank W.
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Would hire again. Got solid photos and was easy to communicate and schedule.

April 13, 2022
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