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FAA certified UAV (drone) and commercial airline pilots, certified GIS specialists, and photogrammetry software experts. High-resolution aerial imagery combined with ground-based locators. Comprehensive 3D maps, 3-D scene reconstruction modeling, 2-D orthomosic maps, digital surface modeling, contour layers, elevation reporting. Desktop and cloud-based post-processing. Still photography and 4K video. Geo-referencing photography with static-observation GNSS satellite receivers.

Our pilots and drones will bring you the information you need.

Professional drones and ground camera equipment. Set up to field edit and expedite information quickly.
Remote pilot certificate holder - September 2016 as Falcon Photography, LLC
FAA Exception Number 14414
Regulatory Docket No. FAA-2015-5177

1099 Contractor based in Cedar Hills, Utah, USA
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The Stotvig Hotel - Norway

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