With over 5 years experience as a certified part 107 operator I have been involved with a wide range of project types. My favorite types of projects are cinematography and marketing media pieces. Developing a clients story and bringing their vision to life is something I thrive on.
My other areas of expertise include 5 years experience in real estate aerial photography and video as well as interior photography. My clients enjoy a quick turnaround and I provided exceptional value to them. I have several local business clients that I produce marketing media for that includes aerial marketing and regular marketing pieces . I have been hired for numerous weddings and events in my local area. Having the ability to provide photographers and videographers aerial media has been highly desirable. I absolutely love seeing drone footage in wedding videos. It helps to create a truly unique feeling. I have worked in conservation to document invasive species and map erosion.
At the end of the day if I am flying a drone I am a happy man. I am thankful to have an opportunity to serve my clients through aerial media solutions and look forward creating new relationship one client at a time.




Daniel L.
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Excellent. Very profession. Clearly reviewed and discussed my needs before going out to the project and capturing excellent work. This is the pilot you should hire.

Aug. 13, 2023
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