f64 and team are now offering drone stills and video of commercial and residential venues. Dr Bahlmann has the title 107 license. Her clients are usually commercial, agricultural, most hire for edited video of apartment blocks that are for sale. Google earth patching, land survey, malls, football fields, apartment blocks, towns, commercial real estate. google maps, Starbucks. f64 studio is able to provide video editing and drone video (4K) as well as stills (raw photography) manual and auto flight modes (90%manual). See 5 star google reviews under "f64 Real Estate and Drone" Manhattan, KS. F640hoto.biz.
Please take into account that pilots pay on average 20% tax and $10-25 drone insurance on top of the 10% droners fee. thank you for your time!


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Mike M.
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Sept. 1, 2022
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Jim S.
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excellent communication and very throrough

Sept. 29, 2021
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