I have over 25 years of flying all types of aircraft and flying drones is second nature. 30 plus years in emergency response services (Police, Fire, and Medical). Certified by dozens of national organizations and in numerous categories including photography, law enforcement, and code enforcement. My diverse background assists my clients in multiple areas whether searching for lost people or animals to providing inspections on those items not easily reached. My drone work has been awarded by numerous agencies for videography and/or photography for my municipal clients. This is a business and multiple drones are required to continually provide excellent customer service to all my clients. Do not settle for less. Thermal imagery is part of our service as well.

If you are looking to start your own drone program I can teach your staff the rules and regulations of flying in the national air space system. Learn general flight operations and train with a drone live. Practice flying a drone to eliminate the "oops factor". Errors are costly in this field so train with one of the most experienced and certified remote pilot.

We provide even simple aerial photos of your home or neighborhood for personal use. No job is too small. Give us a call today.

For those interested in an ongoing relationship (like construction progression or roofing inspections), the more we fly the more reasonable the rates. Check out our website: hvilleaerial.com.
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