HoverPro Tech, LLC uses sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) for aerial videography and imagery for use in the real estate, mapping, and surveying industries. Our drones are equipped with high resolution cameras for video (up to 4K) and photography capturing unique footage from unique perspectives. We carry licenses to fly both airplanes and drones, are insured for commercial operation, and approved by the FAA with Part 107. HoverPro Tech is based out of Nashville, TN.

Real Estate – Aerial videography shows off properties and easily stand them out from other listings. Buyers are increasingly requiring more media to complete their purchasing decision. Not only do we capture the incredible aerial footage, but we also use steady-cams to provide interior walkthroughs of the property. HoverPro Tech makes it easy by hosting the videos and providing built in social media structures to help you reach your largest audience.

Orthographic Maps – Construction sites benefit from our ability to render maps at regular intervals. The maps have a resolution of up to 3 centimeters per pixel, providing the ability to zoom into the smallest detail. Flight paths are programmed and flown identically in the future, in order to capture the data from an unchanging aerial path. Integrated tools let you measure the area, distance, and volume of objects in the map and easily share them with members of your project.

Surveying – Power lines, dams, bridges, and other infrastructure can be difficult to survey due to the inherent risk of reaching the locations. Remove the need to rent a helicopter and crew to take images of such objects. Reduce the risk placed on surveyors for photographing structural elements in bridges and dams. Lower your cost dramatically by with aerial videography by capturing the footage remotely by licensed operators.

3D Modeling – Using specialized techniques, certain types of structures can be imaged and then rendered into 3D models. The models work like the orthographic maps, in that you can zoom in or out on the structure. Additionally the structure can be rotated, providing viewpoints from any angle. The 3D models are accessible in a browser and can be viewed on either a computer or a mobile device. They are also VR capable, working with standard VR platforms.
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Corey N.
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I have worked with countless drone operators and editors and these guys were the fastest, most reasonably priced and highest quality. I would highly recommend working with them. Video quality was outstanding, editing process was easy and high quality and turn over was super quick!

Feb. 15, 2017
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