About Herron Sky View

Herron Sky View: your No. 1 Austin Based Cinematic Aerial Real Estate Footage and Photography service

Here at Herron Sky View we make your photography our number one priority. We want to create memorable images, stock footage, cinematic movies and news production all through utilizing our specialized knowledge of certified, insured and licensed unmanned drone photography. We cater to any event; from making movies to making a movie of your wedding – and all for affordable rates from a local service you can trust.

Herron Sky View has worked with many businesses across many different sectors. We have experience in managing photographic campaigns for automotive dealerships, for Real Estate agencies, for hotels and resorts who want to show off their best features and have even helped roofers to carry out property inspections! Our professional aerial photography uses a combination of state-of-the-art technology and fresh ideas to bring you drone footage like you have never seen before. Here at Herron we like to create the spectacular… all that remains to be seen is whether or not you have an event to match!


Client Video for Austin Welcome Center - Aerial Video by Herron Sky View

Client Video for Austin Bat Tours Video by Herron Sky View

Client Video for Tiny House Village Aerial Tour by Herron Sky View

Client Video for Village Homes by Herron Sky View