​​My journey in drone photography began in 2022, culminating in obtaining my FAA Part 107 commercial license in 2023. I am steadfast in my commitment to honing my skills to capture significant moments within our community. These moments span a wide spectrum, from documenting the evolution of building construction to capturing the organic ambiance of parks and the vibrant energy of live events drawing attendees from diverse locations.

I am enthusiastic about engaging with the community and embarking on collaborative creative projects with individuals. My aim is to explore and highlight people's unique abilities and talents through collaborative efforts. Working with local farmers and wine vineyards to conduct aerial inspections of crops, supporting their endeavors. Coordinating with real estate agents to capture the essence of beautiful homes they are marketing, showcasing each property uniquely. My vision extends to collaborating with local hotels to create aerial and panoramic marketing materials that truly capture the grandeur of the establishments.

My passion extends to experimental photography, where I explore innovative approaches and collaborate with local artists to convey compelling narratives. Working with Adobe suite of software, I leverage these tools to enhance and refine my creative endeavors and knowledge. Offering services in real estate, industrial inspection, crop inspection, festivals, and creative ventures. My goal is to capture the essence of communities and events. With a dedicated focus on excellence and precision, to craft visual narratives that highlight the uniqueness of properties, events, and creative endeavors..

Unmatched Aerial Perspective for Your Projects. Our expertise in aerial videography unlocks a world of possibilities for our clients. Here's how our services can benefit you:
Real Estate Excellence: Showcase properties like never before. Our aerial footage captures the entire essence of a property, highlighting its unique features and surroundings, giving potential buyers an immersive experience.

Industrial Inspection Precision: We provide detailed aerial inspections for industrial sites, ensuring thorough assessments and precise documentation for your inspections and analysis needs.
Crop Assessment & Monitoring: Our aerial inspections assist farmers and vineyards in monitoring and assessing crop health, allowing for proactive decisions and better yields.
Festival & Event Brilliance: Capture the grandeur of festivals and events from breathtaking angles. Our aerial shots provide a comprehensive view, showcasing the scale and energy of the occasion.



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