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ATG Cinema ATG Cinema
Flights made 6
Average hourly rate $100
Locations Abilene, TX - Midland, TX - Fort Worth, TX
I started flying R/C as a child and my interest has only grown in scope and significance since then. I got into aerial photography about two years ago and ever since have been trying to capture new and exciting perspectives of everyday scenes. I've expanded my offerings to not only include everything a traditional drone platform will do such as photo/video, 3D modelling, and mapping. But to also include purpose built drone platforms for capturing one-take style videos, previously only possible with a large crew, dollies, and booms. As well as specialized 500w aerial LED lighting. If it exists. I can stage it, light it, and shoot it.
Member since Nov. 1, 2018
License # 4129722
Insurance coverage $2.5 Million
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