HawkEye Imaging brings you up to date maps in unprecedented detail. With our near Earth mapping technology, we provide custom ultra high resolution maps quickly at a reduced cost over lower resolution satellite imagery. From normal color mapping to NDVI multi-spectral imaging, our specialized aircraft are capable of mapping large tracts of land quickly to bring information you need to make smarter land and resource management decisions.
** Please Note We Are Not Surveyors Therefore Our Maps Cannot Be Used For Legal Measurements of Any Kind Whatsoever**

With years of experience in the field of sUAS. Hawkeye Imaging remains on the cutting edge of advanced aerial technology to help you better understand your world. Our mapping services include Orthomosaic, Terrain models (Elevation), NDVI analysis, 3D models. We mostly service Georgia and immediate surrounding states, but are willing to travel if required. We have been an effective outlet for many small businesses, as well as large corporations, with an outstanding track record for proven success.


If you are purchasing a large tract of land, engineering a road project, or managing a construction project, why not gather up to the date imaging from the air? Don't rely on out-dated imaging found online...the conditions on the ground may have changed since those images were taken.

Our team will survey your site from the air and help you obtain beautiful, high resolution aerial photographs, videos and/or Maps of your new development, construction site or building providing you and your team with those pictures, videos or Maps to be used in progress updates, draw reports, investor meetings, sales & marketing, as well as the ability to avoid costly delays, and provide anyone associated with the project valuable information while saving time and more.

Project Managers with multiple job sites find this a highly valuable service. They can use us to monitor the progress of another job site without them having to physically be there!

We can also provide you with 3D Maps of your site!
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