One of the better ways to stand out is to show and advertise your business in a different way. What is a better way than incorporate high resolution aerial stills and 4K ultra high definition aerial videos with your marketing materials? You can use our high quality materials in many different ways such as brochures, website, social media, magazine advertisement, TV commercial are just some ideas.

Construction Site Monitoring / Insurance Damage:
Construction site monitoring is one of the fastest growing drone marketplaces. We will survey your site from the air providing you with pictures and videos to be used in progress updates, investor meetings, sales, marketing and more. We use Pix4D to create 2D and 3D imaging. Besides, construction, these images can also be used by insurance companies to asses damage in areas effected by disasters.

Roof / Infrastructure Inspection:
Using our brand new UAV technology, we can safely deliver high resolution photos and close up videos of the entire roof area. Our certified remote pilots can fly the drone to within feet of a structure to monitor your aging roof for problems such as defects, cracks, leaks and decays. In addition, walking on your roof for inspection can be dangerous. It can loosen the delicate roof shingles risking damage.

Real Estate:
Tell the bigger story of the property! From a small residence to a mansion, or an apartment complex to a high-rise condominium, aerial images will surely add another perspective to draw more attention to the property. Incorporating our aerial images with any standard real estate photo shoot will definitely create a powerful marketing piece that makes you stand out from other competitors

  Real Estate


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