Aerial Photograpy

- Real Estate – photos from above provide a more engaging view of the property, and can also highlight the neighborhood, and the attractiveness of the area around the property. Videos provide even more perspective, drawing the potential buyer in, and helping you to show the property in a way your competition isn’t. Also, we provide FAA part 107 certified pilots, which prevents the agent from facing the potential of an $11,000 fine for hiring or acting as an unlicensed drone operator. (link)

- Personal use – We often get requests that have noting at all to do with sales or marketing. Often, our customers simply want a unique perspective on their home, special event, boat, car, or some other subject near and dear to them.

- Marketing – Perspective is everything. Aerial images not only provide a more engaging perspective on your business, they make it a real part of your community by highlighting your place in it.

- Publishing – Authors once spent thousands of dollars when they needed an Aerial view of their subject. Drones not only dramatically decrease the cost of these images, they also get closer to the subject than those expressive planes an helicopters were permitted to.

  Boating And Water Sports, Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Event, Infrastructure, Real Estate

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot