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I´ve been in the corporate world for over 8 years and decided to start my own drone company. I know the lingo and what it means to maximize resources to meet deliverables for any given project. I am able to provide drone consulting services at an enterprise level if interested. On the side note, I enjoy racing drones whenever I have the time to take my precision skills to the next level. There are several beautiful artwork that I have taken with my Sony Alpha Mirrorless (similar to DLSR) from all over the world. I´m an all in one photographer with great manual photography skills too. One of my best abilities is to have a unique eye for spectacular photographs and the piloting precision to match with in the best shots of cinematography. I am working to produce dynamic cinematography shots and there is one on the horizon to be included in my portfolio. If you are interested of my style of cinematography, check out my portfolio! My Tower Park project demonstrates my unique flying style and the perfect timing to have the best shots! I am trained to do Commercial Real Estate photography and videography. I´ll provide top notch orbitals, straight line dollys, and the perfect reveals to show the most impressive shots. I do know weather is very important for CRE and I will make sure to have the most perfect cloud cover shots. I will not shoot unless I know the weather is perfect for my clients. Who wants a dark and gloomy photo of their real estate? I sure as don´t! If you want a sunset or sunrise shot of the real estate in a sliver crack of the building, let me know and I will accommodate! Having the most impressive photography shots will sell much better than boring simple shots. If you want above and beyond shots, then you should hire me!
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