As a child, my father took me to an airshow in Ida Grove, Iowa. That day planted a seed in my head that grew into a passion for aeronautics. I’d always loved aircraft, model aircraft, and RC (remote-control) aircraft but being raised by a single mother as a farm kid in rural Iowa the expensive hobby was out of my reach.
In 2001, my mom gifted me a Nikon 35mm camera. At that time, my career took me on the road throughout most of Iowa and the surrounding states. I would bring my camera and stop to capture Iowa’s beauty from the roadsides. A collection of 8x10s depicting some of Iowa’s most beautiful barns still hangs in my living room.
I purchased my first remote-control aircraft in 2002 and for the next few years I flew fixed-wing RC aircraft in competitions throughout Iowa. I enjoyed building, flying, crashing, and re-building my RC aircrafts.
During the years, I was fixated on first-person view from the aircraft. It was perfect, it combined my love of photography with my love of aeronautics. This lead to several failed attempts at attaching a camera to a remote-control aircraft. As a result of one attempt there are probably pieces of my cell phone in a corn field somewhere.
In 2009, I added a multi-rotor aircraft to my fleet. Technology was advancing quickly, as was my passion for multirotor aircraft. The increased stability of these quadcopter crafts made attaching recording devices easier. I wanting to share the videos I was capturing and launched my YouTube page as GregoryRuger.
By 2011 I finally had my first drone that came with the camera attached. It was a Blade Brand Multi-Rotor drone with a fixed camera. Through the years I’ve continued to upgrade as new technology has become available. My fleet has included a DJI FC40 Phantom, Phantom 3 Advanced, a DJI Phantom 4, and now includes the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Inspire 1 v2.

My goal is to bring my artistic eye to the public as a service. I am able to provide that birds eye perspective whether it’s for emergency search and rescue, inspections, real estate sales, or the beauty of nature for your own enjoyment.


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