With technological advancements on the urgent rise in so many industries, near real-time data collection is not only preferred, but in many instances required and relied upon. Drones provide precise, accurate and expedited data collection for important client assets. My past professional experience in the A/E/C industry has led me towards a new career path involving UASs after seeing hands-on the amazing possibilities, time-cost savings, enhanced photographic abilities, safer work environments and innovative approaches drone capabilities have brought to these industries and more. I have over 150 logged flight hours and was ranked in the 98.3% of pilots worldwide by DJI in January 2022. I primarily operate DJI drones including the Phantom 4 2.0, Mavic 2 Pro and Air 2S, and serve as a Remote Pilot-in-Command for Surveying & Mapping, Solar Panel Inspections, Construction Monitoring, Real Estate, Asset & Insurance inspections, Progression and Before and After, E&U, A/E/C and CM, etc. I am also a graduate of the Flight to the Future training program with Aquiline Drones.

Most recently, I have instructed several private students in drone flight regulations and maneuvers; served as panel member and guest speaker for "Drones as a Career" classes for UTSA and two local high school student courses via Zoom; and was a Keynote Speaker in the Product Knowledge section of the August 2022 Texas Nursery & Garden EXPO in San Antonio, TX, where I taught eight classes and provided presentations and live demonstrations over a two-day period for "Drones and Your Industry". I have also produced the videography for two cable TV shows focused on true crime in both San Antonio and Austin, TX as well as before & after videos for landscaping and construction client projects, and real estate, parking facilities, laboratory and warehouse fly-throughs.

FAA DroneZone
DJI Flysafe
Beacon 3D+

For various missions of size and complexity, my responsibilities include:
• Conduct preflight safety checks, file flight plans and obtain and analyze weather forecasts to ensure safe flights with ideal conditions
• Ensure compliance with FAA regulations
• Obtain LAANC and ATC authorization when necessary
• Experience with obtaining waivers for high altitude flight
• Experience unlocking No-Fly Zones, DJI Fly Zones and Zero Altitude flight restrictions
• Fly and oversee ground and flight operations at job sites
• Utilize mission critical applications and software
• Plan drone flight routes and navigate drones along designated flight routes
• Plan and fly autonomous flights for creating orthomosaics
• Coordinate with visual observers for safety and situational awareness
• Coordinate flight operations for special events
• Capture aerial photography, video and data for mapping
• Assemble aerial imagery packages and videos for real estate, construction, engineering, subdivisions and apartment complexes, new construction monitoring, and private clients
• Identify complex problems and review options and solutions
• Troubleshoot when issues arise to complete mission successfully
• Upload and transfer assets per client requirements

Commercial and private clients include:
• Agudas Achim Synagogue (Fly-through, Cemetery Shoot and Marketing Video)
• Ideal Turf (Commercial Videography)
• Concordia University (Full-campus Orthomosaic and Roof Façade, which included 14 buildings)
• Hovrtek, LLC (Luxury Apartment Orthomosaic and Roof Facade)
• Innovative GX (Laboratory Interior Fly through)
• Exactus Energy (Solar Panel Installation Inspections)
• Flash Photography (Commencement Ceremonies – Alamodome)
• Konicor (Warehouse Interior Fly through)
• San Antonio Country Club (Roof Facade and Orthomosaic)
• Square Foot Photography (Real Estate Photography)
• Texas Nursery, Landscaping and Gardening EXPO August 2022 (Key Note Speaker and Instructor for 8 classes)
• True Crime TV Show (San Antonio and Austin Videography for TV Episodes).
• Uvalde Memorial Hospital (Renovation Progression and Monitoring)
• SITE Technologies (Pavement and low-level roof inspections)
• Walmart Distribution Center (Pavement and Parking Lot Accessibility Assessment)

Additionally, I provide aerial photography and videography for private properties, commercial properties and other real estate assets, insurance inspections, solar inspections, roof façade and ground inspections, flyovers and fly-throughs and other drone operations which include: Trucking shots, Dolly shots, AI Flights, Manual flights, Rise and Reverse, 360 Orbit, Panorama, Bird’s eye view, POI, Cardinal directional photography, Phased Construction, Construction Monitoring and Video Clips. Please see industry service provider example extract below:
• Aquiline Drones (Graduate of the Flight to the Future Program);
• Alamo Airborne
• Bark.com
• Bees360
• ConnexiCore
• DroneBase
• Dronegenuity
• DroneHive
• DroneVideos.co
• Droners.io
• Loveland Innovations
• Upwork.com

  Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Other

  Cinematography, Construction, Editing, Other



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