About Airflow Creations

What is Airflow Creations?
Los Angeles company founded in 2014, Airflow Creations offers Aerial Mapping Services, Stock Footage and Media Production. Giovanni Castilhos, the founder has developed the foundation for the company to serve the growing drone service market in California. As the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry develops, Airflow Creations incorporates technologies to achieve more in-depth results. One of the first Aerial Mapping firms to receive FAA certification in the world, Airflow Creations thrives for the safety in operations as well as high quality data.

What Airflow Creations has to offer?
Airflow Creations provides aerial mapping services using drone technology. Through our scanning process, we can provide details and measurements about the target field. Our scanning sessions result in NDVI Maps, Orthomosaics, Point Clouds. These results reveal valuable information about the property, such as measurements, volumes, terrain elevation model and most importantly, vegetation indexes. The index maps will be able to show you where plants are unhealthy, as regular scouting services would do, but in a much more precision in much less time.

Aerial Mapping Why is it important?
Our services come to contribute to the drone market environment by applying advanced technology to the current high demanding aerial needs of agriculture. The lack of certified and qualified drone operators has left the agriculture industry behind its full potential.
The aerial scouting would help solving a major problem: The disease and pest proliferation in farms. We believe in aerial mapping for a better tomorrow, and it starts with the quality taking good care of the food we eat.

Technology: Airflow Creations and services
Airflow Creations is a content development firm focused on drone technology for mapping and surveying. FAA Licensed, we offer aerial mapping and imagery services. The company operates UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for the purpose of collecting data, processing and map generation. On-site drone services, performed by highly experienced UAV pilot and in-house generated Orthomosaics, Point Clouds, Photogrametry Analysis and many other results.

Who uses Airflow Creations services?
Airflow Creations offers solutions to a variety of purposes, so our clientele ranges quite a bit, but one thing they all share: Need for in-depth information about the properties. Media Production firms also frequently request our services as the have high demand for aerial footage and safe operations.

How Airflow Creations started and where is it going?
Airflow Creations started in 2014, when the founder Giovanni Castilhos started providing filming services in Los Angeles, California.
Currently, our clients are production companies and individuals who need aerial footage. Airflow Creations also sells stock footage content, as the media production market shifts.

It has been very challenging to operate on this new UAV market, from legal aspects to demand for services, but we remain positive the market will expand as the technology settles. We are determined to grow , providing quality information and safe operations. We believe in Aerial Mapping For A Better Tomorrow.

How can it be done: Technical experience, industry knowledge, and ability, to execute our vision.
Airflow Creations has been in the forefront of content development and innovation. The demands for drone operators is proven to be arising, and we believe our operations’ expertise and willingness to thrive within UAV market, will determine factors for the expansion and success of our vision.

The Founder: Giovanni Castilhos has put all possible efforts to research and develop not only the mapping drone operations, but a complete service model to offer to the community. Experienced drone pilot, PR oriented individual and talented producer, Castilhos is up to the task to provide valuable insights on drone technology, and share his UAV operations’ experience with the drone market.

Technical Experience: Airflow Creations has operated under Exemption 333 and now, also, under the recent UAG Pilot Certificate. Drone operations require not only performing the flight for data collection but also much official communication and aeronautical awareness, as well as technical software processing knowledge. Our agricultural research combined with the technical requirements to operate drones offers a valuable opportunity to grow.

Industry Knowledge: As the drone industry develops, Airflow Creations has monitor the advancements in UAV Systems and markets. Actively operating UAVs, we have complied with regulations to make sure the longevity of the company is preserved. Airflow Creations seeks in a versatile research, the best combination of technologies to provide aerial services and data processing.

Vision execution: A good briefing, mission planning, data acquisition, software processing and deliverable reports. It sounds even more promising when there is a high demand for the service. It definitely can be done with your help!

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