About Hoss Drones

It's amazing what a picture from above can do. Wow a customer looking at a venue, a buyer looking at a house, or a tourist debating a visit. The possibilities don't stop there, images can be combined to build a measurable 3D model or up to date aerial map. Ultimately the drone industry is finding new uses for drones every day and we want to make sure we can help provide a solution that fits your idea for drones helping you.

A senior unmanned systems major at Indiana State University Grant founded Hoss Drones after completing freelance work and seeing a need for the safe implementation of drones. FAA certified as both a private pilot (airplanes) and remote pilot (drones), Grant has a complete picture of what is happening in the air above us and experience with a variety of systems. While working for utility Commonwealth Edison, Grant was trusted with flying over and near critical infrastructure to assess power lines. It is this level of trust you can expect with Grant in the safe and legal operation of drones. With Airspace Authorization for the Terre Haute area, Grant has the ability to fly commercially near Terre Haute International Airport a bustling area of Terre Haute. Check out more of my work at www.hossdrones.com .


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