is an FAA Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft System Remote Pilot with 26 years of GIS project management
experience. GEOTREAD is 900+ UAS flight hours experienced in capturing, managing, and processing Photography and
Videography for Marketing & Media, Real Estate, Commercial, LiDAR, Thermal, and Hyper-Multispectral imaging.
GIS Consulting Services provides the ability to evaluate client’s existing GIS systems, databases, and software products.
Experienced Geospatial Information System Engineer/Architect (26 years in the field) proficient at identifying gaps and
missing data and developing plans and designs to successfully implement new GIS systems or tie into existing ones.
Providing End to End Business Development B2B.

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  Cinematography, Real Estate, Surveying & Mapping

  Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure, Other, Surveying & Mapping

Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot