About Aerial POV

"Aerial POV was born through my love of aviation, photography and video. The idea of being able to put a camera anywhere in 3 dimensional space without having to get in an aircraft was fascinating and intriguing. I started out flying my drone for pleasure and began offering photos and videos of people’s property and houses. The results have been extremely positive and have led to this new business venture."

-Phillip J. Gable

Founded in 2018, Aerial POV specializes in capturing images and video in a style that is modern yet timeless, interesting and vibrant, with a focus on delivering a professional product both the client and Phillip are proud of. He uses his experience, skills and knowledge to ensure your photos and videos are exactly the way you want them to be. Aerial POV is FAA Part 107 licensed and insured up to $10 million in liability for peace of mind.


Swamp Thang

Mountain Glow

Amelia Island