Hello there!
My name is Glen Goldsby or G2 for short; founder and Chief Pilot at G2 Perspectives (G2P) From a young age there has been a strong pull to the visual arts, wether it was a unique photo or a captivating film. This passion lead me to study commerical photography starting back in 2010. Since then I became inspired by the perspectives a drone can capture which brought a new dimension to the services available. My goal is to push the envelop on what is possible from the sky while telling a story that words are unable to capture.

Services include:

-Aerial Buisness Videos
-Aerial Film Production Videos
-Aerial Wedding videos
-Aerial Real Estate Videos

-Aerial Buisness Photography
-Aerial wedding Photography
-Aerial Real Estate Photography
-Aerial Residential Twilight Photography

Other services:
-Aerial Construction Photography
- Aerial Solar Farm Inspections
-Aerial Roof Inspections

  Cinematography, Event, Other


Aerial Photography Drone Pilot
Droners Approved Pilot