Drone operation for me is not just a career but also a passion. Graduated with a A.A.S in Business Managment. After training with Pilot Institute I tested and obtained my FAA part 107 license. As an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot with over 50 hours of flight time and 5 years of experience in commercial drone use, I possess a strong combination of qualifications that make you an excellent candidate for real estate photography. Here's why I should be considered the best person to hire:

1. Expertise in drone operations: Your FAA Part 107 license demonstrates your knowledge of the rules and regulations governing commercial drone use. This ensures that you can operate drones safely and legally, adhering to airspace guidelines and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

2. Extensive flight experience: Accumulating over 50 hours of flight time showcases your proficiency in controlling drones and handling various aerial situations. This experience translates into a heightened ability to capture stunning and well-composed shots, offering clients a compelling visual perspective of their real estate properties.

3. Specialization in real estate photography: Having 5 years of experience specifically in commercial drone use for real estate photography allows you to bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to the table. You understand the specific needs and requirements of the industry, such as capturing aerial views of properties, highlighting key features, and presenting properties in an appealing manner to potential buyers. My work experience with drone operations has been in real estate photography and videography, photo ground collection with software automated operations for 3D imagery and artistic urban landscape photograph.

4. Attention to detail and creativity: Your expertise goes beyond simply operating a drone. You have honed your craft in capturing visually striking images, showcasing the unique qualities of each property. Your attention to detail and creative eye ensure that your photographs stand out, making a strong impression on potential buyers and helping real estate agents effectively market their listings.

5. Professionalism and reliability: With your extensive experience, you have likely developed a reputation for professionalism and reliability. This means that clients can trust you to deliver high-quality results within the agreed-upon timeframe. Your consistent track record in meeting and exceeding expectations further establishes you as the best candidate for real estate photography assignments.

Considering your FAA license, flight experience, real estate specialization, attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism, you possess a unique skill set that positions you as a top choice for anyone seeking exceptional real estate photography services.

Our current line up of drones are the DJI Air2S and DJI mini 3 Pro. Each drone is accompanied with 6 DJI batteries, 5 sd memory cards along with a vehicle charging station allowing for a full day of Drone operations. Services offered include real estate aerial and ground photography, photogrammetry for 3D images and artistic aerial images for advertisement. Licensed & Insured.

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