Fly Higher Drones LLC, is a Maryland licensed Aerial services provider. As one of the first commercial drone businesses in the state we offer years of experience capturing all sorts of aerial data for our clients. Our humble beginnings started with a fall from a ladder while attempting to inspect a residential roof for damage from a storm. That fall from the ladder sparked a notion that there had to be a safer way to inspect a home or building, then climbing 30' or more up a ladder. The next day I purchased a drone and GoPro camera and put them to work.
Today we fly drones ranging from a simple DJI Phantom 4Pro with a 20 Megapixel camera, quiet and hardly noticeable. The DJI Inspire one equipped with an X5 camera running off of a generator and power tether, capable of hour upon hour of continuous flight and video or livestream. Or the more sophisticated DJI M600PRO with its 6 sets of rotors carrying the simply AMAZING PhaseOne IXM100 industrial 100megapixel medium format camera, this camera is capable of capturing every gorgeous pixel bringing stunning images to fruit. Top that amazing drone and camera with perfectly suited PPK unit to precisely geotag every photo and we are now ready to provide survey grade data for any construction site or High resolution mapping project anywhere in the country.

Fly Higher drones spent 8 long months in California last year on the PGE WISP ( Wildfire Inspection Program ) just after the Campfire Wildfire. During that project we acquired literally hundreds of logged hours of manual flight time performing utility inspections on every type of tower and pole structure California's utility companies have to offer.
If that doesn't spike your interest we have chased down and filmed some of the country's fastest full electric outboard boats like PureWatercraft as they propel their way past the competition at 30+ MPH. Take a look at their Facebook page, that's our work !
We have also performed numerous Real-Estate shoots for various companies like Dronebase, HouseLens, and Homevisit.
The list goes on and on. We do not carry a huge portfolio of our work, as many of our clients want exclusive Rights to the images and footage we provide. With that being said we are always happy to provide our nearly 1,000 hours of Airdata logged flight records and references from many companies we have worked for.

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