About Apsis Vertical

Ever since I was 9 I have been fascinated with aviation. I would (and still) look into the sky and wish I was the pilot flying that jet above me. I am now 16 and my dream is to learn to fly when I am done with high-school. In the meanwhile, my hobby has been flying radio controlled (r.c.) aircraft. I flew r.c. airplanes for a few years at the local r.c. field every weekend and then started to become more interested in the up and coming drone technology. I started out with small quadcopters that I flew for fun. Sometime later, I decided to look into ways I could fly drones as a hobby and make some money as well. I found that I would need a commercial drone license in order to start a business. So, in the summer of 2017 I got a job at the local airport and saved up enough money to be able to buy a professional drone that can take 4k photos and videos. Next, I started studying for the test I had to take to get my commercial drone license. In September of 2017 I went to Centennial Airport and passed the F.A.A. commercial drone pilot test. At that time I was the youngest person in Colorado to take, pass, and possess a commercial drone license.


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