About Flight 1 Aerial Photography

Flight 1 Aerial Photography is here to meet your needs. Our aerial photos and videos offer a unique perspective that can aid in presentations, sales, aerial survey, and/or aerial mapping of areas and objects. We offer our customers unrivaled quality, revolutionary technology, and affordability through the use of our multirotors advanced equipment. What you can accomplish with our aerial imaging solutions are limited only by the customers imagination. Let Flight 1 Aerial Photography elevate your perspective. Remember, the Sky is not the limit but more so the canvas to paint your project. Flight 1 Aerial Photography specializes in low level aerial imaging including, still photos, digital photos, and panoramic photos. We operate by visual line of sight (VSL) and/or first person view (FPV) always using a spotter. By utilizing these techniques, we are able to capture images and video from very unique perspective. Our customers can actively be involved in the whole process, which we encourage, to get the best possible shots and/or video.

COST EFFECTIVENESS – Our aerial photography services cost a mere portion of the expense when compared to hiring a traditional helicopter or plane with a pilot and a photographer.
ACCESSIBILITY – By flying lower, we are able to obtain a better images of a home, land, golf course, etc. To get just the right shot, we can fly between trees, poles, and other obstacles were a traditional rotorcraft or airplane would not dare to venture.
INCOMPARABLE FLEXIBILITY – Our mobility allow us to move quickly from point to point to take video on-the-move, while creating unbelievably dynamic images.


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