Been a native to the suburbs of Philadelphia for most of my life, basically "grew up outside" between sports and adventures. I have always been fascinated by flight, and aspired to be a Navy pilot one day. I earned my Business Management degree by working afternoons and weekends in the trades, and loved building and fixing. I landed a “big corporate” job managing large scale accounts for a nationally recognized IT leader. What was cool about my shirt-and-tie life, was that I thrived on standing up new clients, and I was still creatively building things. I managed the financial and contractual performance and client relationships for several large implementations.

Outside of work, I always took greater pleasure in using my creative skills; including my passion for photography and videography. I bought my first “camcorder” when I was 20. I definitely drew some stares when I decided to take the mammoth video camera on the “Super Dooper Looper” in Hershey Park. In my grown up days, I was the guy who assembled the photo and video memories for the rest of the parents on the baseball team. To this day, I still have parents I run into thank me for the DVD (yes, DVD) compilation of “the big win” I handed out 20 years ago.

Fast forward through thousands of digital pictures, terabytes of home and adventure video, Once I started using drones, aerial imaging took flight in me. I left my corporate job, formed my own company, which brings me here today. It’s a new challenge, with plenty of uncharted territory in a world I love. My drive and passion are stronger than ever, and I will be a dedicated partner so you can achieve your own goals.


  Roof Inspection, Other

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  Construction, Roof Inspection, Other

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