About 302 Media

In high school, I found myself as a race car wanna-be by day and a camera nerd by night. By my freshman year in college, I quickly realized that becoming the next Jeff Gordon was simply not in the cards for me. Although it was tough to swallow, I found a way to still be involved in the racing community.

I hung up my helmet and gloves and exchanged them for a camcorder and a microphone. After posting a few youtube videos hastily edited to dubstep and hip hop, it became clear to me that I was much better off behind the lens than a steering wheel.

In the spring of 2012, I came up with the name “302 Media.” As a life-long Delaware native, it was the only name that seemed to fit. Since then, my business has grown from shooting local racing scene highlights and weddings, to covering professional sports, NCAA championships, and much more.

If you have a business or event you would like to have covered by 302 Media, please contact myself, at [email protected]

-Mike Windley

Owner/Producer of 302 Media, LLC.



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