About AirWorks Productions LLC

Our goal is producing stunning and informative video and still images. AirWorks Productions is worldwide operable and eager to travel to better serve our clients around the globe. We began aerial filming in 1992 when the process was so much more involved than today. This was not only a feat in photographic know how but a challenge in research and design as we needed to create our own aircraft from the ground up to accommodate our clients' needs. Fast forward to today where we have all the wonderful automation of autopilots and algorithms operations are tremendously easier. All that past experience sure helps accomplish our missions to when automation goes south in operations for so many different reasons from time to time. Saftey and diligence is our guiding directive and by these standards, we have run a perfect record for the past 26 years with zero incidents or injuries. Our client list includes CBS, NBC, MTV, Marvel, History Channel, We Channel, DIY Channel, and a long list of distinguished others from the years past. We were even the first published flying TV aircraft stunt for the MTV show "Pimp My Ride". We have covered the Egyptian desert and the far reaches of China. Corbel winery and Joshua Tree National Park for movies and commercials alike. So whatever your project's environment you can rest assured with Airworks Productions that we have the experience to bring your mission home successfully. We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two.


Ground force fire fighting


Mount Sanai Memorial Parks

Frank and Kendra's Wedding

Water Bottle Delivery

The Chimpz "Right to Left"

1200 10th St. Manhattan Beach

Aerial Depth of field shot

Events compilation

"Famous" by Play

1992 through 2005 compilation reel