Since 2016, I have amassed +240 hours of flight time, across +2,300 flights, covering +1,400 miles on multi-rotor platforms.
I have trained civilian and military personnel alike in flight skills and equipment mastery (my personal favorite were the Navy EOD boys).
I was a part of the first wave of sUAS deployment assessing damage of critical infrastructure for Florida Power and Light after Hurricane Irma.
I have 3D modeled the entire University of South Carolina - Columbia Campus.
In my roll as Customer Success Manager for I consulted for and created the architecture for aircraft, pilot, and missions management for the largest private drone fleet in the US, the Civil Air Patrol.
I have worked for, beta-tested, and developed special use cases with some of the biggest software and hardware names in the sUAS space (Dronedeploy, Kittyhawk, FLIR, DJI).
I am the Founder and volunteer as Director of the South Carolina UAV Operators Alliance (a local pool of licensed pilots and equipment).
I have.... you get the point. I've flown a lot, and I love what I do.
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