I like infrastructure inspection projects the most. I’m an engineeer and can relate to utilities and their business cases for the use of drones. I have an enterprise software background so I can also be helpful in helping integrate the drone sensor data into 3rd party applications as well as client enterprise systems and workflows.

I’ve been flying unmanned aircraft for 40 years flying my first RC airplane when I was 8 years old. I have been flying commercial drones for 5 years. I am also an instrument rated private pilot. I blend all of these experiences and discipline to carry out drone based missions with safety in mind. Airspace, FAA, ATC, etc is nothing new to me.

I leverage my Cessna 182 to transport me to my mission sites. This gives me the flexibility of getting to remote sites easily provided there is an airport nearby. Because if this, I can service the Midwest quite well.

I’m always willing to learn. If you need something that I have not done before, I would be happy to ramp up and perform the mission free of charge. I value long term relationships and believe in building them in an honest and transparent way.
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