About Elevia Media, LLC

We offer professional level aerial photography and videography services to private and public clients. Our service will provide ultra-high resolution aerial video and photos, as well as ground based exterior and interior photography and videography.

We have a fleet of drones (sUAS) and we are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate commercially in the United States of America. We are also permitted by the state of North Carolina to operate our sUAS in that state for commercial operations including National Forests. We are also very proud to offer search and rescue support to our community through our community service program.

Services that will be offered are:
- Aerial Real Estate Photography/Videography
- Private Client Events
- Construction Site Inspections
- Utility Inspections
- Agriculture Industry
- Film Makers
- Surveyors
- Insurance Adjusters
- Search and Rescue support
- Government Services (Forest Service)
- Education and Training
- Every other organizations / businesses and individual who would need the services of an aerial drone photography company


Aerial footage of North Carolina