About Elevated Element, LLC

Founders of Elevated Element, husband and wife team Terry & Belinda Kilby, have been immersed in the unmanned aerial photography scene since it's inception. They speak regularly on the subject and have authored 2 books on the topic, Drone Art: Baltimore and Make: Getting Started With Drones. Their work has been featured in a number of major media outlets including National Geographic and CBS Sunday Morning while top brands worldwide such as the US Army and Nike have contracted them for commercial projects.

While starting out like most other companies capturing stunning aerial shots that provide a unique perspective, Elevated Element quickly saw a need to expand into additional markets that include photogrammetry and 3D scanning. Most recently, they founded a new start up called Aerial Array that specializes in software development for drone pilots & companies.



MD In Focus


Ocean City: Sunrise to Sunset


Maryland: Five Senses

Maryland: Five Senes

Train Station Photogrammetry