I'm a photojournalist by training and trade. Photojournalists are masters of photography, knowing and exploring all types -- working for the news industry every day presented new challenges, new opportunities. There are no second chances. News, portraits, events, disasters, celebrities, environmental, still life . . . the list goes on. I took the many years of news as far as I could -- last working in the crazed news area of Los Angeles before moving on to different challenges. We have operated a studio based out of Clinton since the early 2000s -- capturing weddings, families, commercial and more. As the needs of the clients have changed, so have we. Branching out into aerial photography in the last year has been a huge step for us. We've taken the time to do it right -- so fully FAA licensed (needed for any type of commercial photography) and insured. Plus, our extensive skills in creating stunning images is being translated directly to our drone work, using techniques to edit that far out-strip what many drone pilots even consider possible.



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Scott Y.
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Great quality shots (and with artistic flair) and gave us A LOT more footage than we asked for. Went above and beyond. Would love to hire again when we're back in his area.

June 28, 2023
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