About North State Drones

At North State Drones, we believe in 3 things:

Customer Satisfaction.
We put our customers first, and take pride in delivering images and video that exceed their expectations. Understanding exactly what our clients are looking for is the key to producing an image or video that captures their expectations, and insures their satisfaction.

The Latest Technology.
Keeping up with the rapid innovations in drone technology is what we do to stay ahead of the competition. As new products and methodologies arise, we test and implement those that enable us to deliver a higher quality product to our customers. Whether is hardware, software, or best practices, we know about it first.

Licensing, Training, and Safety.
All of our pilots are licensed by the FAA and we strictly follow all FAA guidelines for Drone piloting. We train our pilots on each aircraft system before they're permitted to go into the field, and they must demonstrate high levels of safety awareness at all times. We have a zero tolerance policy for reckless behavior by our pilots.


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