Drone Services Company is based in Eldon, MO and is a dba of RLN Company. The company was founded in 1992 in Colorado as a holding company for several businesses. It is owned entirely by Richard and Diann Neisen of Eldon. They have been interested in drones and have been flying them for several years and are passionate about the future for the business.

Operating under a 333 exemption and part 107 pilot license, Drone Services Company is one of the only mid-Missouri area companies legally able to commercially operate drones for a myriad of uses including aerial photography and videography for public or private use, inspections of infrastructure, mapping, precision agricultural sensing and event filming just to name a few of the many operations they are approved for.

Just a few short years ago the idea of using drones to perform tasks more expediently and safely than conventional methods seemed something like science fiction. Now the reality is that all over the world drones are being used to photograph areas and events from a whole different angle. They are being used to deliver goods to remote areas and help in search and rescue operations. Quarry owners and operators have found an inexpensive way to quantify inventories. Contractors, engineers and architects are using them to efficiently and safely monitor job progress. Realtors are discovering a whole new way to present properties to potential buyers. Roof, bridge, windmill generator and high voltage line inspections are being performed more safely and less costly. Farmers are saving money by knowing where to spread fertilizer and tile fields. Drone Services Company has the personnel, equipment and experience to perform all of these jobs.

Let us know what your specific needs or wants are and we will provide you with a free quote and schedule a time to make it happen. Your satisfaction is our most important objective.
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