A USAF veteran and University of Illinois graduate. Doug found drones as a hobby and evolved his passion into a business. Aerial photography and video for commercial tours, wedding videos, and more. Doug has been operating drones since 2016 and editing video even longer. Having a passion for photography and the outdoors, capturing and delivering top quality products is Doug's goal, and he hopes to be a repeat pilot for your needs.

Doug operates two types of drone, a Mavic Air 2 and DJI Avata (first person view). For photos and video Doug uses a Canon EOS R with a DJI Ronin (Gimbal stabilizer).

Capturing audio, Doug uses wireless microphones and cavaliers. For videos, he also can include sound effects and music (purchased copyright) through the editing process.

Editing video and photos, Doug uses DaVinci Resolve 18 (similar to Adobe Premier)

Doug's education and training within cinematography and photograph started in secondary school. He took classes in video editing and photography principles. Continuing his education at the University of Illinois, he took classes on media formats, art, and stop film animation.

Doug is a certified Part 107 Pilot with the FAA.

Doug offers a variety of services to include architecture photography, inspections, construction documentation, and personalized stories such as a wedding day or organized event.

  Real Estate

  Cinematography, Wedding

  • DJI Mavic Air 2
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  • AccuWeather
  • DJI Go

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