Dronos is the industry leader in Industrial Inspections, and Mapping and Surveying with specialties in volumetric studies and elevation models using UAV’s (Drones). High definition imagery and thermal data collected by UAV’s is analyzed by proprietary software to generate orthomosaic 2D and 3D models as well as corresponding digital surface models and volumetric studies with high accuracy. The data is analyzed and delivered to the client as a technical report to assist in future repairs or to give site status updates.

Typical inspections include:

• Wind Turbine

• Oil / Gas

• High Voltage Lines

• Building

Typical Mapping / Surveying includes:

• Construction Site

• Aggregate Stockpiles

• High Wall / Quarry Analysis

• Pipeline Right Of Way

• Much More

The service provided is:

• Extremely Safe

• Highly Efficient

• Allows For Early Detection

• Extremely Cost-effective

• Reduced Downtime

• Technical Expertise

• More Frequent Inspections / Site Updates

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