2020 Reel: https://vimeo.com/475127259

Building and flying drones started out as a hobby for me. The idea that I could build something that I could then fly, as if I were superman, was something I have simply not been able to let go of. I started out heavily active in online forums, working with a small group of people to try and make drones fly more aerobatic, faster, smoother, and more agile. This was the start of "fpv freestyle". This later evolved into racing drones. Competing (and winning) for 2 years before I switched focus to the "freestyle" side of things (flying recreationally). This eventually led to flying drones on productions (for making films, commercials, and digital pieces). I have worked with big brands from the likes of Pepsi, Toyota, Ford, Uber, RedBull, AT&T, T-Mobile... and big music artists such as Chris Brown, Migos, Travis Scott, Pharrell Williams... to action sport athletes like Robbie Madison and Tyler Bereman.

My piloting (and drones) can be extremely dynamic, not bound to the same limitations as the drones you might be familiar with. I can keep up with race cars, fly down the sides of buildings, fly through small gaps, fly in tight proximity, or pretend to be a steadicam operator on foot.

Piloting aside, I have also been designing and building drones since 2014. This has allowed me to solve some of the "wants" that directors/producers have by building special drones, that would otherwise be impossible with "off the shelf" drones. And that's what excites me... projects that require some skill, thought, and perhaps a little ingenuity.
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