DroneBento was founded in 2015 as a collaboration of certificated pilots, attorneys, and drone hobbyists. First and foremost, we are FAA certificated pilots, flying real airplanes inside the National Airspace System. When not flying manned aircraft, we have families, friends, and drones. We provide regulatory insight, unmanned flight operation services, and education. Our target market includes consulting with businesses about the use of drones, working with clients to provide cinematography services for real-estate, and offer remote sensing for agriculture.

Safety is paramount. The struggle with unmanned flight operations the FAA and NTSB are facing is a balance between freedom to use this exciting technology and the means to do so safely. DroneBento is on the leading edge of safe and effective operations that serve as a model for the FAA & NTSB.

We believe in paying for what you use. We have transparent pricing based on the aircraft we fly. We charge a flat rate for all preparatory work and time spent in flight. Small projects such as real-estate surveys and videos range between $150-$400.

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