About Fermin Iturbide

I’ve served in the U.S. Army for 11 years (2006-2016) as Infantryman. I left the service as a Staff Sergeant and held, all the leadership positions up to Platoon Sergeant. In February 2016, my daughter was born and I decided it was time to change the pace and be a father.

Since leaving the Army, I’ve work in the construction industry, where I was able to implement Army leadership, efficiently. I really do not like talking about me, I’m a firm believer that (1) actions talk louder than words and (2) my performance speaks for it self. I hold myself to a high standard in everything I do, I strive for excellence in everything, I’m ask to do.

In January of 2018, I started school. Currently I’m finishing up my undergraduate degree of Pre-Law in Drake University, Des Moines. Within a year I should be starting Drake Law School.

Last May, is when I’ve picked up a Hobby. Yes, Drones. I started with the $20 Drones and built my way up to my Mavic-Pro. It wasn’t long for me to realize the beauty hidden in the sky and the potential of these flying computers, at the same time, I started getting really good at making 60-90 second clips. Nice, crisp, High Definition smooth videos. Now while the MavicPro has become an “older drone” still has an outstanding camera that with the right settings, filters, editing software (adobe premier pro) and the flying skills, one can produce some astonishing, cenematic, footage.

I’ve been putting, 11 years, of Military experience in my Drone business in order to achieve a level of professionalism, customer service and final product, superior to excellence.

I know what I can produce and I can guarantee, you will be highly pleased from getting an outstanding product at a very good price.


Nonprofit Outing

Des Moines, IA’s River

Some of my best footage.