Hover Visions LLC is a professional UAV services company experienced in GIS mapping (producing accurate orthomosaic imagery, digital surface/elevation/terrain models, 3D models and perform volumetric measurements), power line/pipeline inspection, thermal imagery industrial inspection, Methane detection and monitoring, hazardous environmental inspection, as well as LiDAR data collection.

All of our pilots hold the following certifications or licenses:
* Remote Pilot Certificate (FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot)
* Private or Commercial Manned Aircraft License (FAA Part 61 or higher)
* Level 1 Thermography Certification
* Must be a current or former Firefighter/Police Officer/U.S. military member
* Vetted by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and DHS (Department of Homeland Security)

Hover Visions LLC provides emergency services and will have personnel and necessary equipment to perform such emergency services to meet your needs responding within 15 minutes after requests for such services. We have pilots available to respond from Tulsa, OK, Amarillo, TX, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, Denver, CO and New York City, NY.

Let us help you with your needs.
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