About Hover Visions

FAA Licensed Private Pilot with over 600 hours of logged flight time in single and multi-engine aircraft as well as helicopter flight time. Over 200 hours of logged flight time with UAV's (drones) that includes experience not only with multi-rotor UAV but also fixed wing UAV. I have provided services to many large commercial investment firms, construction companies as well as working with a Hollywood film company. I have experience with HD and UHD cinematography as you will see on our website. I have vast experience using UAV's for agriculture, land and construction surveys and producing high quality orthomosaic and digital surface maps and models, 3D renderings and crop health analysis data.

The key to my business is operating safely and giving my clients a visual image of their thoughts and imagination.

I am proud of my "Zero Accident" safety record.

I operate under a FAA Section 333 Exemption that is a requirement of commercial UAV operators. I carry liability insurance to protect my clients and myself in the event of an accident.


Daddy . . . . come fly with me (one more time)

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