About Kastle Kreative LLC

Kastle Kreative was born out of a passion for emerging technologies. While it may seem daft to compare drones to the state of the computer tech industry of the 1990's, it is actually a closer comparison than one might think. Like computer-tech of the 90's, the potential use cases for drones are endless, and we're in a very innovative era that allows for drone manufacturers and third party vendors to interface and perfect consumer and commercial drone models. Additionally, the consumer and business community of the drone world blurs lines at times and we see many consumers utilizing business level platforms for outstanding videos and photos.

Prior to Kastle Kreative's inception, I was spending eight hours a week flying a first-person view tiny whoop race drone. That time, coupled with time spent flying the Phantom 3 Professional amount to over 75 hours of stick time! All of that translates into countless successful missions with no reported incidents.


Residential Real Estate Sample

Waterworks Park and Ulele Restaurant


Litchi Waypoint Training