I've been flying drones for several years now. I started with my trusty Phantom 3 Advanced and am now flying my Mavic Pro Platinum. I have dabbled in photography a bit, mostly taking pictures of scenes that interest me and tweaking the photo to make it "pop" a bit more. I'm interested in sharing my tools with others that need the service but don't want to spring for the "overpriced toy." Being that this isn't a full-time job for me, my rates are likely much lower than what others would charge, but potential clients may have to be flexible on timing as I have a full time job to work around. Please note that the rates shown are an ESTIMATION and will vary based on scope of work, travel involved, etc. To avoid any surprises after the fact, all jobs will be custom quoted and agreed upon prior to any work being performed. This ensures there's no shady price fluctuations after the fact, barring some unforeseen circumstances that alter the scope of the work originally agreed upon.


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Travis F.
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Logan was wonderful to work with. Responsive, communicative, collaborative and attentive to details. Best of all - his capture skills are amazing. Great, clean, smooth footage. Thanks!

March 2, 2020
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