About Miko Mozi Imaging Solutions

We have pilots and consultants across many different disciplines and industries. This allows us to bring the right resources to make your project successful and worth your investment.

Our motto is "Capture Amazing". We love capturing amazing photographic and video content for marketing and creative purposes, as well as capturing precise and actionable industrial imagery. These platforms are allowing businesses across many industries to work smarter, safer and quicker.

Our owner has a background in Process Optimization (6-sigma, LEAN) as well as Big Data and Business Analytics in the B2B service arena. This mindset has driven a culture of providing services that positively impact our clients bottom line. If your drone service provider feels like just another expense, they are not providing the value you deserve.

We have provided services across the spectrum to our clients, from Independent film makers to Cell Tower inspection work. Please reach out and we look forward to partnering with you on your needs.


Real Estate Example

Bridge Tracking Shot

Boat Tracking Shot

Boat Tracking Shots #2

Jacksonville Sunrise/Sunset Clips